Cosmetic sprays

Cosmetic sprays and the science behind them

Cosmetic spray, if you are not using them yet — you should start right now. The times, when we fixed make-up with hairspray, are gone. On the market, there are hundreds of specialized cosmetic sprays that take care of your makeup and face skin. Below you will find a short guide on how cosmetic sprays work, and how to use them. You will also learn which spray to choose to meet your expectations.

Cosmetic sprays – key distinction

Basically, cosmetic sprays divide into two categories:

  • Sprays for cosmetics that make your make-up look less powdery and help with clumping
  • Sprays for cosmetics that make your make-up look less powdery and SHIELD against sweat and rubbing.

Science behind cosmetic sprays

Both types of sprays contain humectants and substances that nourish the face skin. The most considerable difference is the content of polypropylene and alcohol. In shielding cosmetic sprays it is usually higher because this type of spray not only reduces powderiness but also keeps makeup in place and prevents it from smudging.

Polypropylene fibres are dissolved in a solvent, usually alcohol. When applied to the face, the alcohol evaporates, leaving polypropylene (usually PVP – polyvinylpyrrolidone) on the skin, which binds makeup particles together. Thanks to the use of shielding spray, your makeup looks less powdered and more blended but also more waterproof. The spray gently dissolves the makeup and re-binds it with polypropylene fibres, which makes it more uniform and resistant. If you can not find the information on the label it will be the most straightforward to distinguish between the two types of sprays by looking at the ingredients list. In shielding sprays, the polymer will typically be listed as one of the first 4 ingredients.

Make-up sprays are more gentle on the skin, so it is recommended to use them for everyday make-up. They usually contain fewer polymers and alcohols, or no alcohol at all. Their composition is enriched with nutrients and natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin.

How to use the cosmetic spray

If you want to applicate your spray for cosmetics like a pro, grasp your bottle at arm’s length and spray around your face 3-4 times in the shape of a T or X. When using a spray for cosmetics remember a few helpful tips!

  • Close your eyes when you spray!
  • Apply mascara after spraying, or wait for it to dry first.
  • Take a deep breath before spraying.
  • Spraying too close can lead to larger drops and your make-up running.

As you can see, cosmetic sprays are simple-to-use products which level up your make-up and make it look perfect whenever you need it – 9 to 5 at work or during a whole night party.


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