Can't Stop bass tab?

“Can’t Stop” is a 2002 Red Hot Chili Peppers song from their album, By the Way. This is the third single released from the album. The song was the eighth number one Chili Peppers on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks, where it spent three weeks at the top of the charts, and its peak reached 57 on the Billboard Hot 100 list. The song performed moderately well on various other charts around the world, as well as Modern Rock and Mainstream Rock, respectively. Can’t Stop bass tab?

The song is composed instrumentally in 4/4 standard time and in the key of E minor and G major. The verse plays twice before the bridge, as well as the chorus. During bridge, Frusciante rarely plays reggae style, only beating to the rhythm of acceleration. Following the bridge, Frusciante uses fuzz (Big Muff Pi Electro Harmonix) in his solo. It also extensively uses the tone bending function.

Lyrically, “Can’t Stop” is the best example of the band’s occasional use of writing lyrics in a fixed rhythm, not a rhythm in fixed texts. Kiedis writes in his typical circular style. Nevertheless, the dominant theme of cultivating internal, personal energy (confirmed in the title and final poem: “This life is more than just reading”) can be understood in almost every poem. The verses are addressed to the listener (or maybe to him) in an instructional tone, with reference to Kiedis’s own life, and also bring inspiration to Defunkt (“Defunkt, the pistol you pay for”) and Julia Butterfly Hill (“J. Butterfly is in the crowns trees “). The bridge means a slight departure, as Kiedis suggests, that he temporarily forgot about this philosophy, and is looking for a new girl to help himself get up.

Music video

Mark Romanek directed the music video for the individual characteristics of all four band members doing seemingly random and too abstract activities, such as holding a batch of water bottles or trying to balance buckets on their heads. It starts with a camera passing through a yellow tube to Anthony Kiedis with glasses, and then the four run through the room with lighting fixtures attached to the back. The team engages in various activities, such as wearing a giant purple hippo mask, playing with rubber balls, jumping, abstract scenes with boxes, buckets, water bottles, trash containers, flying in the air, pink foam peanuts, plants, playing the guitar into a room full of empty blue chairs / a room with lamps on and off.

Can't Stop bass tab?

In some parts of the film you can see guitarist John Frusciante playing the orange Toronado and the silver Fender Stratocaster, which is not compatible with his style due to the fact that he only plays vintage guitars (both guitars are less than five years old)). Frusciante later explained that director Mark Romanek had instructed him to play the guitar because they blend in well with the color scheme used in the film; he also noticed that he never really played the guitar.

Inspiration for the film was attributed to the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, as evidenced by the mark at the end of the film. The lighting was set up to provide a clean, contemporary atmosphere that would integrate with the concept of the film. Romanek chose orange as the backsplash. His creative hand tried to reflect the abstract Wurma “One Minute Sculptures”, forcing the band to perform random scenes that seem pointless. In retrospect, however, they were not meant to be anything more than arbitrary actions, matching the ideas expressed in Wurm’s work.



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