Ecosystem for future MedTech

Choi En Joon: “The COVID-19 saliva test is another innovative diagnostic method we offer. The method has an accuracy rate of 80%, which has been confirmed by studies from the independent Covid Center Laboratory in Abu Dhabi, UAE. For reference: the reliability of PCR tests does not exceed 60%”․

Diagnosis in the Ecosystem is done with artificial intelligence. Neural networks know what questions to ask the patient and how to use a unified medical knowledge base, and are able to analyze vast amounts of information. During treatment, artificial intelligence monitors the patient’s condition 24/7. It can decipher test results, monitor the doctor’s appointments, and remind the patient to take their medication.

Disease prevention – reducing risks

Сhoi En Djun: We are developing the direction of preventive medicine, because we understand that people want to be healthy, not to be treated. Users of the Medtech Ecosystem can get an individual genetic passport – their own DNA database. With the help of a passport, you can find out if a person has a predisposition to hereditary, mental, and general somatic diseases, determine a possible reaction to products and medications. As a result, a person learns about their own risk zones and, with the help of preventive medicine doctors, can take up prevention in order to avoid the development of the disease.


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