what foods are high in cholesterol

High cholesterol content in food products is considered one of the biggest disadvantages of food. Everywhere we hear about its negative effect on the cardiovascular system. However, it turns out that some cholesterol bombs have more advantages than disadvantages.

So how do you find yourself in this “cholesterol problem” – which products contain the most of this compound, what to eat and what to avoid? What foods are high in cholesterol?

Comparing different types of red meat – beef, pork, mutton and veal, the differences in cholesterol are not large. However, the most of this compound is found in pork neck. So if we have problems with the circulatory system, we better avoid it. In general, however, we should not give up red meat. This is the best source of iron that often lack. The meat has so-called heme iron, which our body is able to absorb about 20 percent. For comparison, non-haem iron from plants we only absorb 3-5 percent. To cover the daily requirement of this ingredient using a meatless diet, we would have to change into rabbits. Iron deficiency seems surprising, because in our country a lot of meat is eaten, unfortunately primarily in the form of highly processed sausages of poor quality and with low nutritional values. We rarely reach for good red meat, and it should be on our tables 3 times a week. The best is
lean pork and pork tenderloin. The way meat is prepared is also important. If we bread and fry them in deep fat, we’ll serve an additional 300 – 400 kcal per dish. Which is not conducive to health or figure.

Food which contains a lot of cholesterol

Where there is fat, there is also cholesterol. This is also the case with oily fish, of which sardines have the most cholesterol. However, the quality of this fat is important. In fish, we find good, unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids. Because of this, cholesterol in our body will take the form of HDL – a compound that collects cholesterol from cells and transports it to the liver, where it is processed. In the case of LDL, i.e. bad cholesterol, the opposite is true. So we should not be afraid of fatty fish. On the contrary, let’s reach for them regularly.

Cholesterol levels in yellow cheese are similar. The Emmentaler, however, has the most, as does Gouda. Despite the relatively high cholesterol content of cheese, however, it is not worth giving up. It is the best calcium carrier that is concentrated in cheese as a result of milk dehydration during production. Two slices of cheese contain as much calcium as two glasses of milk. However, you also need to remember that energy value is also concentrated – i.e. calories, as well as saturated fat and cholesterol. On the other hand, the great advantage of cheese is the presence in this product of conjugated CLA linoleic acids in their natural form, which can promote fat loss. Therefore, cheese in reasonable quantities, i.e. several slices a day, not a cheese board, I would definitely recommend.

It seems to be pure fat, but compared to e.g. butter, lard cholesterol is lower. This is due to the presence of water that dilutes the lard. However, when we take it away, we get pure saturated fat. The only advantage of lard is its resistance to high frying temperature, but the same properties have definitely healthier – olive oil and rapeseed oil. That is why lard should be a thing of the past.

Thinking what foods are high in cholesterol we very often miss one thing. Like red meat and other cold cuts made from it, salami is a rich source of cholesterol. However, even against the backdrop of these products, salami is unique. Just the look and feel indicates that it is very rich in fat. To the touch of slippery, in each slice you can see that the red pieces of meat are mixed with white fat. As one of the few cold cuts, salami is also low in hydration, i.e. fat and cholesterol are not “diluted” in this product. Another risk factor for the cardiovascular system is the large addition of salt-raising pressure. Therefore, people on a diet with cardiovascular diseases strongly advise against salami. Healthy, from time to time they can afford a few slices.


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